How It Works

We understand buying any fine jewelry is considerate and lengthy, so our team is committed to provide you a simple, fast, and secure process for your shopping with us.

  • Step 1: You consider before purchasing
    • You ensure to read and understand all our policies and product description of a grill set that you want to order. 
  • Step 2: You place your order
    • After carefully picking all your order requests (i.e. type of gold, color, number of teeth, top and/or bottom,...), you proceed to make your payment via our secure and protected system.
  • Step 3: We deliver mold kits to you
    • After you make your payment, we will mail a DIY mold kit with your order confirm to you.
  • Step 4: You send your molds back to us
    • We believe you can easily get a mold of your teeth by following our instruction. After that, you can ship your mold back to our address below:

       If you plan to use FEDEX / UPS, please send it directly to our store:


If you plan to use USPS (POST OFFICE), please send it directly to our PO Box:

PO BOX 742528

  • Step 5: We confirm the receipt of your mold package
    • After receiving your mold, we will immediately inform you via email/text regardless of whether or not your mold works. 
    • If your mold is not usable, we will ask you to purchase another mold kit and start from step 3 again.
    • If your mold works, we will still let you know.
  • Step 6: We make and deliver your grill set to your address
    • After receiving your usable mold, we instantly start our custom process for your grill set and then deliver it to you. Shipping time varies due to your location.
    • If you choose to pick up your order at store, we will contact you when your order is ready.