Terms & Disclaimer

We are thrilled and grateful to have you visit our online store and shop within this website. First and foremost, before placing any orders, we ask you to read all the terms and disclaimer thoroughly in our page. 


A set of grillz/gold caps that you want to order is intended to be a temporary accessory to complement an individual’s appearance ONLY. It is NOT intended for any dental purposes, so you should remove your grillz prior to eating, drinking, sleeping, smoking, playing sports, or any other activities that may result in the jewelry being damaged or dislodged from its proper position and posing choking hazards. Also, you should keep the jewelry out of reach of children. 

We, Grillz Jewelry by T&H Jeweler, hereby disclaim any and all liabilities from any damages/injuries caused by improper uses of this product. 


All grillz are unique and customized for specific orders. We guarantee all orders are made out of real silver or real gold based on a specific carat, color and style requested by clients. Shipping cost and time varies due to customers' locations. All sales are final, and no refunds/exchanges are accepted.

We strongly recommend you to have your teeth checked by a dentist before making any orders with us. Please do not wear grillz if you have dental issues - consult with your dentist as soon as possible. Cleaning both your grillz and teeth after each use is highly recommended. 

Before placing your order, you should carefully read our description of each product and watch our instruction video about how to get a mold by yourself. If you run out of materials to get a teeth mold, you will need to purchase another mold set from us. We will inform you whether your mold works after receiving it from you.

We will always put our best efforts to make the fit size for your grill set. If the product does not fit or looks incorrect to your order, you should immediately inform us after receiving your grillz within 24 hours.

For any questions/concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us via our phone/email/social media. We are happy to assist you for any further.

The act of you visiting or ordering jewelry within our website means you have read, understood and accepted all our terms and disclaimer above.

We really appreciate your patience going through the process and business with us!


Grillz Jewelry team