About Us

We bring you more than jewelry: our passion and family tradition of custom fine jewelry from one generation to another for over 30 years . Each of our team members is a part of a family having the same passion, high level of competence, and full dedication to our custom grillz. Our approach is based on decades of successfully providing fine jewelry services for customers in Texas regions and other states of America.

We set the bar high in delivering as best experience as possible for customers through great quality, fast turnaround time, and trusted process. Every single set of grillz is performed with full attention to details and deep understanding of customers’ needs.

Besides our handicraft, our team makes use of available technology to produce trendy and perfect-fit grillz.


We want our customers to smile and shine after the first try of their grillz; We only succeed when they are happy. Behind every piece of our jewelry, we want to leave as many joyful stories as possible for our customers. We value every single customer equally and appreciate their trust in our products. Especially, the first fire is still the same in us from day one, and we want to share it with you so you dare to shine and achieve your goals in life.