Why do my Silver grillz get tarnished ?

Silver grillz

Silver Grillz are a popular accessory among the hip-hop and rap community. These shiny and flashy teeth ornaments are made of silver and are plated with gold or other precious metals to give them a more luxurious look. However, over time, silver grillz tend to lose their shine and become tarnished. In this blog post, we will discuss the nature of tarnishing of silver materials and how it affects silver grillz.

Tarnishing is a natural process that occurs when silver comes in contact with air or certain chemicals. When silver oxidizes, it forms a layer of black or brownish film on its surface, which is known as tarnish. Tarnishing doesn't affect the quality of the silver, but it does make it look dull and unattractive.

Silver grillz are not immune to tarnishing. In fact, they are more susceptible to tarnishing due to their exposure to saliva, food, and drink. When silver grillz come in contact with these substances, they react with the silver and cause tarnishing.


Custom grillz manufacturing

(Our team member, Mike, is in the process of filing, polishing and preparing silver grillz for the final step of polishing and coating with 18K Gold)

However, tarnishing is not a permanent issue for silver grillz. They can be polished and redipped to restore their original shine. Polishing involves using a soft cloth and a silver polish to remove the tarnish from the surface of the grillz. Redipping involves coating the grillz with a layer of gold or other precious metal to prevent further tarnishing.

At Grillz Jewelry, we understand the importance of maintaining the shine and quality of silver grillz. That's why we double dip our silver grillz in 18K gold to make them more resistant to tarnishing. This process ensures that our silver grillz last longer and maintain their shine for a longer period of time.

In conclusion, silver grillz are prone to tarnishing due to their exposure to various substances. However, this issue can be easily resolved by polishing and redipping the grillz. At Grillz Jewelry, we take extra measures to ensure that our silver grillz are of the highest quality and are resistant to tarnishing. So, if you're looking to invest in a pair of silver grillz, make sure to choose a reputable jeweler that uses high-quality materials and techniques.