Healthy Grillz & Shiny Smiles

Healthy Grillz & Shiny Smiles

Custom gold caps that are also called grillz or grills should be considered accessories to improve your appearance like any other jewelry (like rings, pendants , bracelets, etc.), so both your grillz and natural teeth should be taken care of periodically to prevent potential issues.

To avoid problems, before you eat, it is strongly recommended that you take off your grill. Otherwise, it may cause choking hazards or food and other debris can be stuck between the teeth and the grill, leading to the development of bacteria, sore gums, cavities as well as bad breath. Therefore, you should clean your grill before and after each use, in addition to storing it in an air-dry and clean bag/box. Do not put your grill in the same place with any other jewelry to avoid scratching, damaging, or spreading of bacteria.

  • For your natural teeth, you should floss or brush them before wearing your grill, especially after eating.
  • For your grill, you can use clean water + hydrogen peroxide or non-toxic jewelry cleaner to soak your grill in the solution about 3 – 5 minutes. Then, rub it gently by using a soft-bristled toothbrush, rinse it with warm water for a couple times, and use a soft cloth to dry it out.
    (You can additionally use a soft cleaning rag to buff and polish your grillz. If you do, make sure to move the rag circularly over your grill to give it a perfect look).

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